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Interested in Contributing to the Development of Lebanon ?

TOKTEN offers Lebanese expatriates the opportunity to play a role in the development of their homeland through short-term missions.

Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN)

The TOKTEN concept is a global UNDP mechanism for tapping on expatriate nationals, who had migrated to other countries and achieved professional success abroad, and mobilizing them to undertake short-term consultancies in their countries of origin, under UN aegis.

The TOKTEN approach is regarded as an added dimension of technical cooperation, which contributes to reducing the adverse effects of the "brain-drain", with several advantages as such as the shared language and traditions, relatively low cost and speed of implementation.

The TOKTEN program is based on a spirit of volunteerism, which means that TOKTEN volunteers are not paid direct salaries but are entitled to roundtrip air ticket and a daily subsistence allowance (DSA).

In the case of Lebanon, TOKTEN demonstrated its relevance due to the large number of highly skilled Lebanese professionals that migrated and settled abroad in the past years, and due to the country needs of all the advanced skills and high level capabilities it can mobilize.

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