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TOKTEN Worldwide History

The most important reason for this youth migration at present is the pursuit of economic opportunities abroad in view of high rates of youth unemployment in the country. Taken as a whole, the most frequently reported reason for migration is work (62%), followed by study (21%). Other cited reasons are joining family members abroad and marriage.

These communities of Lebanese "émigrés" living abroad have progressively organized themselves first around social associations of ethnic, linguistic or religious nature, then into “Lebanese Clubs”. The major factor keeping these associations alive was their adherents’ binding feeling towards their “mother country”. Such associations, however, never succeeded to establish and maintain the connections between these communities and Lebanon.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Émigrés, through its network of Embassies and Consulates is in connection with the Lebanese émigrés communities.

The previously well-developed managerial and technical capacity in Lebanon has been decimated over the years of war, particularly in the public sector and in the universities. Thus, the present Lebanese context strongly calls for the undertaking of consultancies in order to expedite the work and meet the demands of the recovery tasks.

However, excessive reliance on external consultants would, on the long run, hamper strengthening the capacity and operating efficiency of private and public sector institutions. One of the problems in the application of new ideas, technology, and methodologies is to make proper selection and adaptation to local conditions. Such a requirement is unlikely to be met by foreign consultancies. On the other hand, expert advice coming from a specialist of Lebanese origin is likely to be more specific to the local situation and yet be conditioned by his broad international experience. Moreover, the expatriate specialist would not need the normal familiarization period.

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