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Council for Development and Reconstructiony (CDR)


The CDR is a public authority established in early 1977 to be the government unit responsible of reconstruction and development. It was granted unprecedented powers to avoid any administrative routine that could slow down the reconstruction process, especially in the financial field. Since 1991 Projects for more than $3 Billion have been awarded, mostly in sectors including Power, Health, Education, Water and Waste Water, Telecommunications, Transportation, Roads and Highways. CDR’s main tasks can be summarized as follows:

  • Preparing general plan for the country, investment and implementation programs for reconstruction and development projects
  • Mobilizing external financing for priority projects within the investment plans.
  • Implementing projects by appointment from the Council for Ministers.
  • Taking action in rehabilitating the public administration and reconstruction of the infrastructure and negotiating foreign financing agreements


The CDR is the executing agency of the TOKTEN project on behalf of the Government. The CDR acts as the National Counterpart Agency for the TOKTEN Lebanese project.

The UNDP and CDR chair the steering committee of the project acting in an advisory capacity to guide the formulation and the development of the TOKTEN Project, evaluating procedural decisions and suggesting directives for the selection process of volunteers.

In addition, the CDR ensures the promotion of the TOKTEN Lebanese Project throughout Lebanese Ministries and public institutions, coordinates with line ministries and undertakes, with UNDP support, fund raising efforts for the TOKTEN project.

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