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TOKTEN Objective and Mechanism

The TOKTEN objective is to obtain the technical expertise of Lebanese expatriates, in order to reinforce national development efforts and transfer their skills and know-how.

The TOKTEN programme prioritizes development needs while identifying suitable human resources needed to develop the areas for which no expertise is available in Lebanon.

The TOKTEN mechanism is to ask expatriate professional nationals, often motivated by a desire to play a role in the development process of their country of origin, to volunteer their services, for short term consultancy assignments in their country of origin (Lebanon), at modest cost (volunteerism).

Thereby, they provide technical expertise, policy advice and research, to Lebanese ministries and public Institutions with potential to absorb qualified TOKTEN volunteers in accordance with the following considerations:

  • The relevance of the TOKTEN assignments selected.
  • The existing constraints and challenges presently impeding the works and mobility in many sectors.
  • The highest absorption capacity ensured.
  • The fair distribution of TOKTEN volunteers in Lebanon to reach the most needy areas.