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Advisory on the feasibility study of Jennah Dam
Advisory on the feasibility study of Jennah Dam

The Dam Project:
The ministry is developing a multipurpose project of a dam in the region of Janneh, Naher Ibrahim (hydroelectricity, drinking and irrigation water) The project it is at initial stages (detailed preliminary study)

The TOKTEN mission:
The main purpose of the mission it to review all the plans and reports that has been carried out until presently and produce technical recommendations within the project feasibility framework

Mission Output
A detailed report of the main issues of the project with focus on the different alternatives and solutions
A list of the remaining works to be carried out before going further in the project execution
A review of the geological and technical report of the project and eventual improvement to be done
An established work group for a sustained follow-up after the end of the mission made of Swiss and Lebanese experts
Some calculation related to the dam stability, hydrology and energy production

Expert: Dr. Selim Sayah , Lombardi Switzerland

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