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Cyberdefense Building Blocks and Challenges
Cyberdefense Building Blocks and Challenges

Lebanese Expatriate trains 18 army officers on “Cyber defense: building blocks and challenges seminar”.

The TOKTEN project in cooperation with LAF Research and Strategic Studies Center organized three days seminar on Cyber defense: building blocks and challenges that was held from 23-25 June 2014
The seminar was attended by 18 trainees from the, Directorate of Research and Strategic Studies, the Intelligence Directorate, the IT Directorate and MEDCOM IT

The expert, Mr. Hadi El Khoury is a Lebanese expatriate, residing in France, with extensive experience in cyber security in the private and public sector expert was brought in by the UNDP TOKTEN project to train and provide guidelines and knowledge about the cyber defense .

The training aimed at understanding information security basics and building blocks, Acquiring a security mindset, writing/Updating a Security Policy and exercising permanent control over the security policy. The trainees learned how to look for information on vulnerabilities, threats and emerging trends and designing a secured IT architecture “under fire”: thinking like an attacker

This of course will help trainees to evaluate the security of an existing IT network/system and reacting to an incident and resuming operation
Information warfare is an emergent reality that states and institutions have to face Cyber security and Cyber defense measures and tools are essential to anticipate and stop hackers and protect crucial networks and information. Cyberspace offers challenges but also opportunities to profile suspects, track criminal activity and hackers and prevent destructive plans organized virtually from becoming a reality.
Based on continual improvement concept, the LAF research and strategic studies center seeks to conduct ongoing training as a strategically capacity building initiative and skills improvement in order to enhance the overall outcomes. Working with international organization like UNDP is one of the practical trail to achieve these objectives by receiving experts for skills improvements training missions.

The TOKTEN project aims at reinforcing Government efforts to strengthen technical capacities in key sectors and institutions, and to establish a mechanism whereby the country can tap into the skills base of its expatriate nationals at the same time that expatriate nationals are afforded the opportunity to contribute at a relatively modest cost.

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