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Information for Lebanese Institutions

How to Request for a TOKTEN Consultancy?

This demand driven process is focused towards satisfying developmental needs of the involved partners within the Lebanese context.

Applicant institutions are requested to submit a request to the TOKTEN project in which they provide information on mainly their own activities, problems awaiting solutions, as well as a detailed work plan.

For each consultancy detailed terms of reference (TOR) are prepared by the recipient institutions (and eventually amended once the TOKTEN volunteer is found).

TOR should precisely identify the problem the organization wishes to address and clearly spell out the objectives of the proposed consultancy or cooperative arrangement and how your organization expects to benefit from it.

The TOR includes the exact role of the consultant and required services, the schedule of lectures, presentations, demonstration and training, requirements for documentation and/or equipment to perform the consultancy.

The TOR should also reflect the desired qualifications of the consultant, the name/designation of the counterpart staff who will work with the consultant, the time frame, the expected outputs and for profit making/financially capable institutions the level of cost sharing contributions they are ready to commit.

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Information for Lebanese Institutions