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Information for Lebanese Institutions

A TOR form has been produced to help "beneficiary institutions" apply and is available on this website. The request is evaluated by a steering committee in accordance with the following considerations:

  • The relevance of the TOKTEN assignments selected
  • The existing constraints and challenges presently impeding the works and mobility in many sectors
  • The highest absorption capacity ensured

The fair distribution of TOKTEN volunteers in Lebanon to reach the most needy areas.

The steering committee is composed of representatives of CDR and UNDP, plus advisers, identified and selected jointly by CDR and UNDP.

The ST is a major decision making body and playing a vital role to develop guidelines for effective implementation of the Programme, screen the candidates for consultancy, accord approval for their assignments and monitor the performance specified in the Project Document.

If approved, the selection of the TOKTEN volunteer(s) is conduced by matching the specified requirements (according to TOR) of the consultancy with individuals having the appropriate skills and qualifications held in the TOKTEN roster

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Information for Lebanese Institutions